DRIVE TIME WITH GUARDIAN: Most of the drive time that you need to get your license is to be completed with your parent/guardian or a licensed driver over 21 that is willing to take financial responsibility for your actions. The state requires that you drive 40 hours with this person(s), 10 of those must be at night. UMA Driver Ed. will ONLY take you out driving if you have met at least 20 hours of that requirement.

REQUIREMENTS: Behind the wheel, times will be set up by one of our certified instructors. The instructor will determine the time and meeting place for each drive. The state requires 6 hours of driving and observation. UMA supplement some of the driving with our driver simulation program. UMA will need to drive students multiple days and have at least two students in the car at a time.

BEHIND THE WHEEL ONLY: If you have already completed the theory class and you only need drive time with an instructor you can sign up for this portion HERE for a fee of $185. This is also the same cost as if you take both the theory and behind-the-wheel together.

NO SHOW FEE: If you commit to driving at a certain day and time you NEED to be there. The other students and we are counting on you to be able to do that driving session. If you fail to show up and do not give us time to schedule another student we will assess you a $30 No Show Fee.

PICK UP: There is NO PICKUP. If you are wanting to do the behind-the-wheel with UMA Driver Education you must meet the instructor at our campus.

OTHER INFORMATION: The instructor may cancel a driving session due to weather.
When out driving the instructor will assess many areas. We like to go through all of the following aspects with you if possible:


SKILLS TEST: For further information about the skills test click HERE