Once you turn 15 years old you can obtain your learners permit in Utah. You can do this by studying and passing the learners permit test. You take the test by going into your local driver license division or through a workshop provided?by UMA. To pass the test you must score 80% or above to pass.

Step 1: Look HERE for the permit test in your area and sign up

Step 2: Download the study materials and start studying DOWNLOAD HERE

Step 3 Come to the workshop, review the materials with a certified driver education instructor, and take the test. Once you pass, you can go to the driver license division to get your permit.

Once you pass we will email you a certificate stating that you passed the test.

Please present the following items when applying for a driver license:


  • Parent Legal Guardian if under 18
  • Learner Permit Fee
  • One additional form of identification.
  • Provide Social Security Card or Tax ID
  • Birth Certificate, the original or a certified copy. –
  • Hospital certificates and photocopies WILL NOT be accepted.
  • Two original, approved documents that verify your Utah residency
  • The certificate that you passed your permit test (If you take the permit test with us)

Please call if you need