ABOUT: The 30 hours of theory class is provided online via Canvas using the USOE curriculum. If you decide to take the online theory course only and not the behind the wheel portion the course it is FREE; however, you must complete your behind the wheel hours with a certified instructor before you can obtain your license. Click HERE to register for just the theory class only for FREE. To register for the package (both theory and behind the wheel) click HERE

TIME REQUIREMENTS: This allows the students to better understand the laws and rules of the road. You can finish this as fast as you can, but you only have 12 weeks to complete this section. If you do NOT complete the course within the 12 weeks a $30 restart fee will be assessed.

CURRICULUM: There are 5 Modules that you will work through. The course includes Videos, Tests/Quizzes, Essays, Assignments and other activities that follow the core standards set by the USOE.

FEE WAIVERS: are offered. Please contact your school counselor to see if you qualify.